.. by train is easy and cheap. As the distance between skipper and vessel for the time being is 500 km:s, there has been a lot of training during the previous year.

The landscape in Bothnia is flat, very flat. I have once again fled from responsibilities and expectations to join Freja.

As soon as I get to Jakobstad I visit Jakobstads båtvarv to see how Fredrik is proceding with his project.

It’s almost ready. For sale if anybody is interested. I would buy it if anybody would buy Freja.

As I get to SSJ (the local yacht club) and Freja I begin to prepare some parts for varnishing. The frame I have found for the small window on fore-deck is to big, but I fix it with black tape.

The water outside Jakobstad is dirty and has discolored the white hull. I try to clean it with the deck-brush. Not very successful..

The next day Tuomas arrives and we are taking a trip to Mässkär. The weather is dull in the morning but clears up during the day.

As usual we see great yachts outside Baltic and Swan boatyards. At least we are sailing..

At the pier of Mässkär there are only wooden boats.

We eat our lunch and go for a short walk on the island. On our way back we hoist the gennaker to see if it’s working. It is.

It has been a pleasant day!

And now I’m on the train back home. Even a short trip can give you strength for the days to come..


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