To improve my language, to reach more readers, or just in order to something different I will write this insert in english.

We have had a warm midsummer for a change, in previous years we have been freezing, comparing the temperature with the weather on Christmas eve. It has been about the same. Not this year. At least I hope it will not be this warm in december.

We emptied the boat-shed from boats and let the table. About 20 people took part in the midsummer-eve´s dining.

Coleslaw was my contribution to the dinner

I was the oldest this time and my grandchild Alva the youngest.

Heddi and Alva at the dining table

The middle-generation had invited guest, so there was a lot of part-takers in their twenties. We elderly had the sense to retire in due time while the youngsters kept on partying until the brake of day.

As the boat-shed was emptied the berthage was filled with boats. Although our boat Freja is in Jeppis there is still a lot of other vessels. The flag-ship Darling Lilly was, as expected, dressed overall with signal flags.

Darling Lilly is a Wasa 360, it used to belong to my late pal Micke, with whom I have been sailing a lot in the eighties. My cousins bought her after Micke´s death and are restoring her into previously never seen glory.

My grandchildren Heddi and Alva playing with water.
Work after the party; Mathias and Gusse sharpening the axe.
Me enjoying outside our country cottage

When the others had went away for work, Gusse and I rigged the Europe-dinghy and sailed it. That was great fun, I haven´t sailed a dinghy for decades!

We had the opportunity to leave the island with Darling Lilly. Jakob hoisted the mainsail for the first time this season. The lines from the not yet applicated Lazy Jack got mixed up with the main halyard, but soon the problem was solved. When the sail was up, we were nearly there, so we had to take it down again. We had coffee and ice-cream in the local bar, Jakob stayed for the next crew as we drew home.

It had been a pleasant midsummer holiday!


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