Monday 2.11.

Back at Kuggom after a refreshing weekend when I met a lot of relatives, especially my granddaughter who is learning to ride her bike.

The fight with the teakplanks continues. It’s a considerably slow work, after 9 hours I have just cut and fastened a few lists.

Glueing with epoxy is quit messy. Although you wear rubber glowes it’s hard to avoid touching anything.

Hardly more than the frames are ready today. The fastening is interesting, you shoot the planks to the plywood with a pneumatic pistol.

The nails are plastic and cannot be seen after the surface is sanded.

Luckily there is lot of work left for tomorrow and for the rest of the year.

Tuesday 3.11.

My daughter Sara’s birthday.

Today the teakwork in the cock-pit must be ready. There is not much left, yet it takes the whole day to finnish.

I cut the lists with a japanese hand-saw, the electric tools are unpredictable. They use to escape my control.

The humidity is kept stable with a loud system. Fog emerge from pipes in the ceiling. Yet cracks keeps appearing on my Freya. They are my next task.

From a distance the thwarts look ok. Before going away I notice that one pöank is loose. I find some glue that has not dried and go for the hydraulic pistol. Now all planks are attached. I think..

Wednesday 4.11.

Not much sleep this night either. And I did not follow the elections in the US of A. I woke 02.46 and could not find sleep after that.

Today was a busy and stressful day, I had to saw the seams between the boards and fill them with mahogany battens. (Nåtlimning in swedish, I don’t know what it is calked in english, suggestions?)

At first I had to apply a batten for stearing the saw. The distance to the seem must be absolutely constant.

The batten is attached with small nails.

As I have told, electric tools frightens me. Especially the saw. Eero helps me a lot, but still..

The saw makes the cracks larger but more even. The slit is then filled with epoxy.

Eero shows me how to saw and makes the mahogany battens with a little help from me.

Then he leaves it to me to glue the battens in the slit. That is a hard and messy task. I bathe in sweat as I try to fix the battens. No time to take photos, maybe tomorrow?

During the glueing process I am listening to Terje Rypdal. Those who still are present do not seem entusiastic.

Thursday 5.11.

As the handsaw broke yesterday I plane and grind the seams that we made,


When the new saw arrives I open yet another seam and fill it with a mahogany rib and epoxy. It’s easyer when one has done it before.

The mahogany dust covers me.

Leena is plugging.
A part of Stefan’s project.

Friday 6.11.

Today I have to go to the dentist and leave my car for service so there will be no work with Freya. But next week will start with fresh commitment!


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