Monday 26.10.

Back in Kuggom again after the weekend. It feels good to continue with the task that didn’t work out on friday.

Now all the mouldings are beginning to find their places. They are not glued yet, only fastened with some screwes.

But it’s looking good, there is hope that the cock-pit will recover. Strange, every other day it feels hopeless and then again, like today, it feels like progress has been made!

Tuesday 27.10.

It’s a blessing to be able to live in a bubble with 16 other wooden boat entusiasts during the pandemic. Our only fear is that one of us would be infected and we all be put in quarantaine.

You must make plugs to fill the screw holes

Here in teak and mahogany.

There is a lot of penetrations like fairleads for the old head (WC) not in use anymore. If you remove the plumbing pipes there will be holes instead.

One must remenber to fill the holes or else the wessel will sink.

The next task is to lay teak on the cock-pit floor.

This is not Freya’s but the picture shows the idea.

All of a sudden it is evening and time to leave. Tomorrow is a new day!

Wednesday 28.10.

Today is a new day. Cutting and putting the teak planks right on the plywood which will be the cockpit floor.

When all the parts are on their right places they are glued to the plywood board with epoxy.

The hatch is cut out before the glueing starts. This seemingly easy task takes the whole day. That’s all what this pensioner can cope with for now.

Thursday 29.10.

Todays fight was to place the teaklists on the port side thwarts (the new ones)

Again a puzzle, a constant move from the saw to the sanding machine to the glueing room and back. Several times for every list.

The hatch on the longer thwart is easier, the lists can be cut later when the glue is dry.

All in all it was a good day!

Friday 30.10.

Friday is a shorter day, it’s time to drive home after lunch. There is time to trim the thwarts and see what they look like in the cock-pit.

Not bad at all! The end lists on the longer thwart is yet to be done. Two pieces are broader so lists have to be glued together.

Eero has made the first professional glueing, the other one is done in about the same way by the pupil and left to dry until monday.

Simo’s keel

For the moment the meaning of life is fixing wooden boats. There is no room for other activities or thoughts. You forget pandemics and climate change when you are busy forming wooden pieces to fit. The end of the world may be at state, but until that we will keep working and dreaming of summers to come and sailing trips in renovated beauties.

This weeks episode is written in bad english. Please comment if you have suggestions for corrections or if you rather use google translate from swedish.

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