..I’m on my way to Freja. The previous days have been challenging for me as well as for my relatives. The knowledge that it is summertime and you have a boat, but you cannot sail with her yet, is devastating. But as I said, VR, Valtion Rautatiet, the Finnish Stately Railways, is taking me to the spot I have been longing for.

When I get there I go to the grocery store for something to eat and drink on board. As I have much to carry I take a taxi to the harbour.

Tuomas and Aako have spent the night on board. When we have eaten, they at a local pizzeria and I at Pavis, my club, we meet and prepare for getting away. But when I try to start the engine nothing happens, the battery is dead!

I had thought of changing batteries, so why not do it now. I phone Fredrik who recommends Halpa-Halli. I take a bicycle, put the battery on the rack and go there. Luckily they have one that suits so I take it and persuade them to take the old one in return.

Back at Freja I install the new battery and the engine starts willingly. As we have lost time we start as soon as possible, by motor, as the wind is in the head.

The big Baltic yacht is still there.

There is a lot of rocks up here..

The memorial of the ship John Grafton that was used for smuggling weapon to St. Petersburg in 1905. The ship was wrecked outside Kallskär, exploded and abandoned by the crew.

We are able to sail for a while before we reach Tankar in the evening.

We grill corn and sausage by the campfire before we go to bed. It has been an exciting day!


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