I really don´t know how this works, but I´m trying to figure out. Anyhow, I´m preparing for a sailing trip across the Atlantic with four other guys of which I know only one. They speak finnish as my native tongue is swedish. I have read a lot about sailors crossing the oceans and I know it can be very rough sometimes. There will be moments when you wish you´d stayed at home. Once I had a kidney-stone attack on the Baltic sea. It was one of the worst experiences I have had. I hope it won´t occur again. (I prepare for the worst in order to cope with difficulties)

The spring is at its best, I´m retired and have all the time in the world to do what I please. I have a boat of my own that should be launched next Saturday. It´s almost ready, but the mast must be varnished and a couple of things must be seen through.

This is what I had to say for the time being. The first of may, and especially the Walpurgis-night were celebrated with old friends. As usual I had too much to drink and did not feel well, but a new dawn is rising today.


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